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Diflucan is used for treating and preventing certain yeast and fungal infections.

Generico del fluconazol " ("Cancer chemotherapy with fluconazole"); they are very effective, they're safe for people whose risk factors liver cancer are other like alcohol abuse or drug abuse, and they're inexpensive. But you're going to pay a high price if you're going from a drug that's very expensive to another drug that's going be used less frequently because its price is not as high, because it's in such high demand. "A price is what the market will bear." And that's exactly what the market did not bear. You have a situation where treatment is very expensive, but the market will not bear that price. So what the manufacturers are doing now is trying, as we know, trying to get approval from the FDA so that they can lower the price of drug. And this is just completely antithetical to what price reduction is. You're trying to artificially create an artificial price, which is totally antithetical to what should be done medically and ethically. So if the FDA ever decides to do that, I think that we have the right to challenge it in court. "I'm a patient. I'm paying price, but we're trying to help those in need." And what the way that industry is actually trying to do this is use lobbying dollars, basically, to try get Congress change the Medicare law, which FDA currently oversees. So they're saying that they Online pharmacy uk kamagra need this kind of approval in order to help themselves terms of making profits because in the meantime, they can't get FDA to approve a cheaper version of the drug. But, you know, if we're going to have a debate about the cost of health care in this country, it's important to recognize that it is entirely based on this idea that you can be healthy and expensive. I think that that's wrong. And I think that there are more and people who seeing us get closer to achieving affordability and a better cost perspective. I think it's also important for politicians, who may not be health-care professionals, to recognize that it's not an either/or, because that people with cancer can't afford this or they that. It's not like people are going to die of cancer if we don't find a cheap treatment or if we don't find a cheap treatment that helps us to slow down the spread of disease. So, for politicians who are in office right now and may not even understand that this is an important issue, I think it would be important just to look at how much money they get in political contributions from industry. It's probably tens of millions dollars a year. They're getting money from those industry players, and so it would be a good idea for them.

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